Prospective Members

Picture of Legalese in dictionary Membership in the Touro Law Review is one of the highest achievements a Touro Law student can attain. Eligible applicants participate in a rigorous writing competition held at the completion of the spring semester. The competition is designed to assess the applicants' analytic abilities, research skills, and writing skills.

Review membership has numerous benefits including the development of research, writing, and editing skills, as well as leadership opportunities, academic credit, and a chance to publish a scholarly article. Members also form close relationships with faculty and peers, expand their knowledge of the law, as well as develop a professional prestige that follows them throughout their careers. Employers place a premium on the analytical and writing skills a student develops as a member of the Law Review.

Responsibilities of the Review staff include editing scholarly articles that have been selected for publication by the Review and composing a scholarly piece in the form of a comment, note, or recent case. Each year a number of student-authored compositions are selected for publication in the Review. Editors guide every stage of the process and foster the piece's development. Exceptional pieces are afforded the privilege of publication in the Touro Law Review. Publishing scholarship is considered among the most rewarding accomplishments in a law student's career.

There is only one opportunity to compete for Review membership and the Touro Law Review strongly encourages all eligible applicants to participate in the competition.

Transfer Students

Transfer students are welcome to compete for membership on the Touro Law Review. A transfer student may take advantage of only one of the following competition eligibility requirements:

  • Transfer students may compete in the Spring Write-on Competition that commences on the first Friday after the completion of first-year exams at the Law Center.

  • Transfer students may compete in the first Spring Write-on Competition upon completion of twenty-seven credit hours at the Law Center.

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