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FlexTime JDSM Program

This unique program is designed to accommodate the schedules of students who might typically enter a part-time law program, but need even more flexibility for work or family obligations. The program provides this increased flexibility through uniquely tailored combinations of online and in-person instructional components. The program will provide students with maximum flexibility while maintaining a rigorous course of study that will prepare them for the realities of law practice, and will do so using the latest in evidence-based teaching and learning tools. FlexTime students will be able to complete the requirements for their JD in just under four years, allowing successful members of the inaugural fall 2018 class to sit for the July 2022 bar exam.
As part of the FlexTime JD program, classes are offered in a hybrid model which requires students to attend classes in person for only 10 Sundays plus 3-4 fully remote Sundays. Students have the option of taking up to 20 credits fully online. Students attend fall, spring, and summer for the first three years. During their fourth year, they can complete their final credits in just two semesters.
All content, both in person and online, is delivered in a manner that matches the standards for Touro’s full-time day program. In fact, the extended in-person sessions and online delivery platform provide numerous teaching and learning opportunities unique to the FlexTime JDSM Program.

Admissions Criteria

Consistent with ABA requirements, Touro Law Center’s goal in admitting candidates to its JD Programs and LLM Programs is the likelihood of success in the program to which the person is being admitted. The selection process is holistic and not mechanical.
  • LSAT score
  • Undergraduate GPA
  • College major and course selection
  • Trend of undergraduate grades
  • Writing ability (as demonstrated by the quality of the Personal Statement and LSAT Writing Sample/s)
  • Personal qualities of integrity, resilience and commitment to public service
  • Successful graduate study, where applicable
  • Professional experience and achievement after college, where applicable
  • Letters of recommendation from persons with direct knowledge of the individual’s intellectual ability, natural aptitude, and strength of character
In addition to the above criteria, applicants for the FlexTime JDSM Program must show strong academic credentials and demonstrate an ability as a self starter. Only applicants who earn their Bachelor’s degree prior to the start date may apply for admission to the FlexTime Program.
Click here for ABA-required disclosures.

Financial Aid

FlexTime JD students will be eligible for all financial aid and merit scholarships available to students in the traditional program. Based upon the strong academic credentials and qualifications of students admitted to this program, Touro Law intends to make available substantial scholarship funding.


Fall 1 (9 Credits)

Contracts I 3 credits
Torts I 3 credits
Legal Process I 3 credits

Spring 1 (9 Credits)

Contracts II  3 credits
Torts II  3 credits
Legal Process II  3 credits

Summer 1 (6 Credits)

Civil Dispute Resolution & Procedure (R) 6 credits

Fall 2 (9 Credits)

Property I 3 credits
Criminal Law 3 credits
Professional Responsibility 3 credits

Spring 2 (9 Credits)

Property II 3 credits
Constitutional Law I 3 credits
Business Organizations 3 credits

Summer 2 (6 Credits)

Evidence 4 credits
EITHER Trial Practice (MTE)  2 credits
OR Commercial Drafting Lab (MTE) (either may be online) 2 credits

Fall 3 (9 Credits)

Business Organizations II 3 credits
Constitutional Law II 3 credits
Elective (may be online) 3 credits

Spring 3 (9 Credits)

Trusts & Estates  3 credits
Sales (may be online)  3 credits
Elective (may be online)  3 credits

Summer 3 (up to 6 Credits)

Secured Transactions (may be online) 3 credits
Elective (may be online) 3 credits

Fall 4* (9 Credits)

Clinic 5 credits
ALA I (may be online) 2 credits
Seminar (including any advanced writing requirement) (may be online) 2 credits

Spring 4* (up to 9 Credits)

ALA II (may be online) 2 credits
ALS 3 credits
ALS Practicum  1 credit
Elective (may be online) 3 credits

Key: * Students may, optionally, reduce the number of credits per semester in year 4, as only 16 credits in total (18 are listed) are required to meet the graduation requirement of 88 credits.

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