Consumer Information (ABA Required Disclosures)

Federal and state law and American Bar Association standards require law schools to provide students and potential applicants with certain information. This page was developed to provide access to this information from one convenient location. Please follow the links below for information on each of the topics listed.

Qualifications for Admission to the Bar (American Bar Association Standard 504)

In addition to a bar examination, there are character fitness, and other qualifications for admission to the bar in every U.S. jurisdiction. Applicants are encouraged to determine the requirements for any jurisdiction in which they intend to seek admission by contacting the jurisdiction. Addresses for all relevant agencies are available through the National Conference of Bar Examiners
Dual Degree Program
The Law Center offers a dual degree program with Stony Brook University (JD/MSW). Through a cross-recognition of credits, students can earn both degrees in less time, and at lower cost, than if each degree had been taken separately. Students must apply separately to Touro Law Center and to the partner institution and be accepted by both. For details of the programs click here.
Law School Accreditation

Touro Law Center is approved by the Council of the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar of the American Bar Association, 321 North Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60654, (312) 988-6738.

Touro Law Center is also a member of the Association of American Law Schools, (AALS), 1614 20th Street, NW Washington D.C., 20009-1001, (202) 296-8851.


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