On-Campus Recruiting

The Office of Career & Professional Development provides on-campus interview and resume collection services to meet the needs of employers.

While on-campus interviews may be held throughout the year, there are two primary seasons:

  • The Fall On-Campus Interview Season. This season comprises two interview periods. The first is in mid-August before students begin Fall classes. The second begins after Labor Day and continues into October. Touro Law Center does not use a lottery system, so employers choose the students they wish to interview. Reservations for on-campus interviews are accepted on a first-come-first-served basis, but we make every effort to accommodate all requests. Student resumes will be made available to employers several weeks prior to their interview date. All employers' hiring criteria are included in the materials provided to students.

  • The Spring On-Campus Interview Season. Designed for those employers who prefer to make selections for summer and post-graduate hiring in the spring, this program is much less structured than the fall season, and we are happy to accommodate your requests at any time. 

To register for our on-campus interview program click here.

For more information or to request a registration form, contact us via email or by phone at 631.761.7030.

Resume Collection Service

If you are unable to interview on-campus but would like to participate in one of our recruiting programs, the Office of Career & Professional Development will collect and deliver resumes to you – electronically or by mail – so that you may select students to interview in your office at your convenience.

For more information or to participate in our resume collection service, contact us via email or by phone at 631.761.7030.