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Our Faculty Affiliates give the Institute a foundation of scholarly depth and practical experience. Select press, publications and presentations include:
Patricia Salkin, Zoning and Planning Law Handbook, 2014 ed. (Thomson West 2014) (editor for all previous editions 2001-13).
Patricia Salkin, It’s a “Criming Shame”: Moving from Land Use Ethics to Criminalization of Behavior Leading to Permits and Other Zoning Related Acts, 46 Urban Law. 249 (Spring 2014) (with Bailey Ince).
Sarah Adams-Schoen, Land Use Law Update: The Court of Appeals Issues a Victory for Home Rule in Wallach v. Town of Dryden and Cooperstown Holstein Corp. v. Town of Middlefield, in vol. 28 of Municipal Lawyer (Summer 2014) (with Maureen Liccione).
Sarah Adams-Schoen, Lead Article, On the Waterfront: New York City's Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Challenge (in 2 parts), in vol. 25 of Envtl. L. in N.Y. (April & May 2014).
Ann Nowak, Applying Mathematical Set Theory to Statutory Construction of Municipal Sign Laws, in vol. 27 of Municipal Lawyer (2013).
Patricia Salkin, Town and Gown: Host Communities and Higher Education (American Bar Ass’n Press 2013) (with co-editor C. Baker).
Patricia Salkin, Social Media and Local Governments: Navigating the New Public Square (American Bar Ass’n Press 2013) (with J. Tappendorf).
Ben Rajotte was quoted in the New York Times story, Displaced by Hurricane Sandy and Living in Limbo, Instead of at Home (Dec. 6, 2013).
Sarah Adams-Schoen, presentation on Creating Natural-Disaster Resilient Communities: The Critical Role of Land Use Planning, Zoning and Building Codes at Nassau County Building Officials conference (Nov. 2103).
Touro Law’s LUSD and Jewish Law Institutes hosted a presentation by Hebrew University of Law Professor Itzach Kornfeld on Climate Change and Water Diplomacy in the Middle East (Nov. 2013).
Ben Rajotte and TLC’s Disaster Relief Clinic were referenced in a story by Associated Press; the story was picked up by several outlets, including the Wall Street Journal (Oct. 1, 2013).
Michael Lewyn, presentation of his paper, The (Somewhat) False Hope of Comprehensive Planning, at New York Law School (Sept. 2013).
Patricia Salkin, Land Use and Sustainable Development: Cases and Materials, 8th ed. (2012) (with J. Nolon).