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What is Land Use & Sustainable Development Law and what does it mean for law students?

  • LUSD is Jobs—whether working for a private developer, real estate firm, private law firm, public interest organization, or one of the 110 units of local government on Long Island
  • LUSD is Real Estate Development—large and small real estate development projects shape the way we live and work, potentially revitalizing neighborhoods and towns
  • LUSD is Environmental Stewardship—land use practitioners and decision-makers shape the way we use land, including whether we build in vulnerable coastal areas, how we use land that has been contaminated, and how we manage precious resources like water
  • LUSD is Social Justice—land use practitioners and decision-makers have an opportunity to make communities more affordable and equitable

The Institute provides opportunities for students to network, gain practical experience, develop leadership skills, deepen their understanding of legal issues that shape where we live and work, and set themselves apart from the crowd.

  • Concentration in Land Use & Sustainable Development LawThe LUSD Concentration prepares students for a range of practices, including practices in Construction, Environmental and Sustainability, Fair Housing, Land Use Planning and Zoning, Real Estate, or State or Local Government Law. Graduates who have taken this concentration will have specialized knowledge and skills attractive to employers in the for-profit, public interest, and government sectors, and provide a useful grounding for those who embark on solo practice.

    The concentration provides a competitive edge that is particularly relevant to law practice on Long Island—where there are more than 110 units of local government and land use and real estate are thriving practice areas.  

Hot off the press: New LUSD Law externships provide Touro Law students with the opportunity to work with local, state, and federal partners to support sustainable rebuilding on Long Island—merging disaster resilience, smart growth, and equitable development. Other LUSD-related externship placements include placements with private land use and real estate law firms, a nonprofit that works on legislative initiatives, and a nonprofit that advocates for fair and affordable housing on Long Island.

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