Volume 37, Issue 3

Prefatory Matter


Table of Contents


My Body, My Choice: Biblical, Rabbinic, and Contemporary Halakhic Responses to Abortion
Adena Berkowitz

Selling Sex: (More) Evidence for Decriminalization
Faelynn Carroll and Walter E. Block

Of Arms and the Militia: Gun Regulation by Defining “Ordinary Military Equipment”
Edward J. Curtis

Mercy in American Law: The Promise of the Adoption of the Outlook of Jewish Law
Yehiel Kaplan

Globalization and Privatization of Federal Corporate Prosecutions: The Pressures Eroding Fifth Amendment Rights
Katarina Resar Krasulova

Incorporation by Reference in New York State
Bennett Liebman

For All Who Have Borne the Battle: A Wish List For the Incoming Secretary of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs
Benjamin Pomerance

Rethinking Appeals
Uri Weiss


Fixing What’s Broken: The Outdated Guidelines of the SCA and Its Application to Modern Information Platforms
Lutfi Barakat

Locking the Golden Door and Throwing Away the Key: An Analysis of Asylum during the Years of the Trump Administration
Samantha B. Karpman

Protest Art and Copyright Law: Weaponizing Intellectual Property against Systemic Inequality and Social Injustice
Alina Ladyzhinskaya

Keeping the Lights on through Dark Times: How Subchapter V Bankruptcy Should Protect Small Businesses Decimated by the Pandemic
Daniel LeBrun

The Billion Dollar Industry That Has Never Paid Its Money-Makers: The NCAA’s Attempt at Compensation through Names, Images and Likeness
Christopher Palmieri

Yes, “Stealthing” Is Sexual Assault… And We Need to Address It
Mikaela Shapiro

Debunking “De Minimis” Violations of Prisoners’ Religious Rights: Further Problems with the Supreme Court’s “Hands Off” Approach
Samantha Sparacino

SLAPPS Across America
Jack Toscano

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