Clinics are an integral part of the educational process at Touro Law. Available to full-time students starting in their second year and part-time students starting in their third year, clinics provide students with an opportunity to represent actual clients with real legal problems and to work with experienced attorney-professors. Under the close supervision of faculty, clinic students advise clients and appear on their behalf in court or at administrative hearings.
In addition to providing valuable first-hand experience, clinics help students hone essential professional skills such as interviewing, drafting legal documents, and investigating and developing evidence.
Currently, several clinics are offered including:
  • Advanced In-House Clinic (offered Spring semesters)
  • Bankruptcy and Mortgage Foreclosure Clinic
  • Child Support Mediation Clinic
  • Criminal Defense Clinic (offered Spring semesters)
  • Criminal Prosecution Clinic (offered at Suffolk DA in Fall semesters and at Kings County DA in Spring Semesters)
  • Education and Youth Justice Clinic
  • Immigrant Rights Advocacy Clinic
  • Landlord-Tenant Mediation Clinic
  • Senior Citizens Law Project
  • Small Business and Not-for-Profit Law Clinic  
  • Veterans' and Servicemembers' Right Clinic
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Touro Law Center

  1. Welcome

    Welcome to Touro Law Center, we're glad you stopped by! You will find that Touro Law provides a rigorous curriculum and many opportunities for hands-on learning to ensure you graduate ready to make a difference in the world using your law degree. Your success as a student is our highest priority. We know that you will love not only the educational opportunities here, but also the supportive community atmosphere.

    Before we get started, let me explain the many ways you can explore our beautiful space.

    -You can click on the forward facing arrow to start walking around.

    -You can jump to the next stop by clicking on the "Next" button.

    -Now, if you already know where you want to go, you can select any location by using the list OR by clicking directly on the map.

    -Lastly, remember that you can explore any particular location in more detail by clicking the supplemental icons.

  2. Library

    Our Gould Law Library was designed to provide you with the resources you need to navigate the rigors of law school. Our spacious library consists of four floors and comprises nearly 1/3 of the law school total space including two computer labs, study carrels, and individual and group study rooms to foster collaboration and quiet spaces to accommodate your individual study preferences. Our friendly and knowledgeable law librarians will help you with your legal research and guide you through the available information and resources. Our library was designed to accommodate your individual style of study to ensure that you have the necessary resources and environment to be a successful law student.

  3. Auditorium

    Our state of the art Auditorium features a spacious main floor and balcony where public lectures and competitions are held throughout the year. Students are able to gain hands-on experience in competitions, such as our prestigious Bainbridge Moot Court Competition, held in front of the student body and invited guests each year. The auditorium, which was dedicated by US Senator Charles Schumer, is also used to host guest speakers and school wide events. In recent years, Touro Law has hosted many distinguished guests including Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, the late Chief Judge of the New York Court of Appeals Judge Judith S. Kaye, and international bestselling author John Grisham.

  4. Clinical Suite

    Everything you need to hone your lawyering skills and to practice law under close faculty supervision is located right here in our clinical suite. As a Touro law student, you are guaranteed a clinical experience to gain hands-on experience. You will be able to choose from a variety of clinics including child advocacy, bankruptcy, criminal defense, veterans and servicemembers rights and more. The dedicated clinical suite features student work space and faculty offices, as well as meeting space for one on one client meetings. You will be putting to use what you learn in the classroom while helping real clients.

  5. Public Advocacy Center

    You can be a part of legal advocacy in action! Touro Law Center is home to the William Randolph Hearst Public Advocacy Center, also known as the PAC, the only one of its kind in the nation. Housed within the law school, the Center is home to local non-profit agencies that incorporate our students in their daily work for advocacy services, research work and client relations. You can work on a wide range of legal issues in areas including domestic violence, civil rights, children's rights, and more. The PAC is a great place for you to develop your legal skills while making a difference by providing much needed legal services in the community.

  6. Hallway

    Walk down the halls of Touro Law Center and you'll be greeted by friends and faculty! Walk past photos of alumni serving as judges and class photos of more than 6,500 alumni – a community you will join upon graduating! These hallways are the pathways to classes, meetings, gatherings and more!

  7. 3rd Floor Student Service Suite/Study Area

    A convenient central hub for students, this casual seating area is at the intersection of essential administrative service offices that you will frequent during your law school tenure, including the Office of Career and Professional Development, Student Services, the Bursar, the Registrar and Admissions. It is a meeting place and hang out for students during all hours of the day.

  8. Bookstore

    Grab your books for the semester and some Touro swag while you're at it! The bookstore, operated by Barnes & Noble, is your one stop law school shop located on the first floor of the law school! Rent your books for every class, grab some supplies for class, snacks for studying and, of course, branded merchandise. Don't forget a bumper sticker for your car and maybe a hoodie for mom!

  9. Cafeteria

    Our cafeteria is a convenient spot to grab a meal or a cup of coffee, meet up with your friends, study or just relax. All meals served are Glatt Kosher. The menu changes daily and includes hot and cold items, a salad bar, wraps and sandwiches, homemade soups, prepackaged items and more.

  10. Academic Support Center/Writing Center

    It's no surprise that law school is rigorous and requires a lot of hard work and dedication. At Touro Law, we support our students from admission to law school to admission to the bar! From the first moment you are accepted to law school through your preparation for the bar exam, you will have the full support of both the Academic Support Center as well as the Writing Center. Your success is our priority.

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