About us

All Touro students are automatically members of the Student Bar Association. Members elect classmates to represent them on the SBA general council. Representative positions on the general council consist of:

  • First-year day representative
  • First-year evening representative
  • First-year representative at large
  • Second year day
  • Second-year evening representative
  • Second-year representative at large
  • Third-year day representative
  • Third-year evening representative
  • Third-year representative at large
  • Fourth-year evening representative
Members also elect an executive board that consists of:
  • President
  • Day Vice President
  • Evening Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

Each member of the SBA general counsel has a vote, voice, and seat at the table at SBA meetings. All students who are not members of the general counsel are encouraged to come to SBA meetings in order to observe or speak during the public portion of the meeting.