Summer Service Snapshots

Summer Service Snapshots 2022

Approximately 100 Touro Law students spend their summers working as public interest fellows or through work study. These students work in various offices and pro bono agencies across the country, gaining hands-on experiences in broad areas including immigration rights, municipal law, disaster law, children’s rights, matrimonial law, and so much more. Our Summer Service Snapshots give a glimpse into these placements from a student’s perspective.
    Lisaann London
  Legal Aid Society of Nassau County - Juvenile Rights Division

Lisaann serves as a legal intern with The Legal Aid Society of Nassau County’s Juvenile Rights Unit. She had the opportunity to assist the Supervisor, Brian Shupak (Touro Law Class of 2011), and closely work with staff attorney, Diana Gandiello. She gained valuable insight and techniques to navigate Juvenile Delinquency and PINS proceedings. "I’ve been able to assist with conferencing cases with Family Court’s Deputy County Attorney and Court Attorney to discuss case statuses and possible depositions. I have had the chance to see the outcomes of cases by touring Nassau's juvenile detention centers and the youth justice court diversion program. I conducted legal research and argued legal issues arising from pending cases through motion practice. I observed bench trials, court proceedings, and depositions hearings. I interviewed clients, parents, and other organizations to ensure that we gathered all the information needed to provide the best representation for our clients."

She continued, "I am grateful for being the selected recipient of the Fannie and Samuel Glickstein Summer Interest Fellowship by the Touro Public Interest Committee. This fellowship has allowed me to maximize my experience by being in court every day. Working with this unit has reinforced my mission to advocate for underserved and underrepresented people from marginalized communities."

Seen here Lisaann (right) with Diana Gandiello (left) in their Family Court office.

    Thalia D'Angelo
  Suffolk County District Attorney's Office

Thalia spent the summer gaining experience in the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office. She states, "A highlight of my experience was the day spent with Suffolk County Police Department’s Special Patrol Bureau (consisting of K9, aviation, emergency service, crime scene, airport ops, and medical crisis action) learning the nuances of what they do and the considerable range of capabilities that they offer. As prosecutors, there is a need to cultivate positive relationships with all of the law enforcement partners so that all teams can most effectively serve the public."

    Allison Baal
 Suffolk County Courts Summer Internship Program

“This summer, I am participating in the Suffolk County Courts Summer Internship Program as a judicial intern for the Honorable John J. Leo, Justice of the Supreme Court in Central Islip. Working in the matrimonial part, I conduct legal research, draft memos, and assist in drafting decisions and orders. I’ve also been able to observe hearings, trials, and conferences and hear from guest speakers including judges, attorneys, and court employees. I have learned so much from Judge Leo and his staff and gained an inside look and deeper understanding of the importance of our judicial system.”

    Mary Fatscher
  Legal Aid Society Juvenile Rights Practice

"This summer I am extremely grateful for being selected as a Public Service Catalyst Fellow with The Legal Aid Society Juvenile Rights Practice. I assist attorneys with representing children in abuse and neglect proceedings before the Queens County Family Court. I review and organize discovery documents in preparation for trial, conduct legal research and draft internal memorandums. In addition, I participate in client interviews and court proceedings. I plan to maintain a role in public interest upon my graduation, and this Fellowship will help me to continue to gain legal experience in public interest this summer."
SEEN HERE: Mary in front of the Queens Family Court where she observed a trial on a Termination of Parental Rights after helping her attorney prepare for it. The second image is from the EDNY Justice Institute at the Federal Courts of the Second Circuit.

    Shahzadi Raza
  New York City Law Department, Special State Law Enforcement Division

"This summer I am working with the New York City Law Department in their Special State Law Enforcement Division. I had the amazing opportunity to conduct my first plaintiff's deposition under the Law Department's practice order. I was assigned a case and asked to prep and hold the deposition. It was such a scary, nerve-wracking, and exciting moment for me! The deposition flew by and I was so grateful to know that I had a seasoned attorney supervising but really allowed me to take command of the deposition. I dealt with the objections by opposing counsel and completed a successful fact-finding mission! I hope to work with the New York City Law Department next year after graduation and now I can finally say that I have successfully completed a deposition!"

    Dinara Khabibulina
  Nassau County District Attorney's Office

Dinara serves as a legal intern at the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office at the County Court Trial Bureau. She states, “During my internship at the Nassau DA’s Office, I have been exposed to the inner workings of the entire office. I worked on cases ranging from misdemeanor to attempted murder. Drafted memos of law, motions, conducted research work for ADAs. The office arranged tours to the Medical Examiner’s Office, Nassau County Correctional Facility and Nassau County Police Academy. At the Medical Examiner I learned about medical-legal investigation into the manner and cause of deaths that are within the jurisdiction of the Medical Examiner. I observed the work of forensic testing services, toxicology, firearms, and latent prints labs. At the Nassau County jail tour, I learned about the daily work of the staff, inmate population, and the facility itself. At the Nassau County Police Academy, Commissioner of Police, Patrick J. Ryder gave us an insight into the work and mission of the Nassau County Law Enforcement.

Practically daily, I observe trials and arraignments. And I was fortunate to serve as second chair on a felony trial. My experience at the Nassau DA’s Office has been priceless.”

    James Garafalo
  Nassau County Police Department Legal Bureau

"I’m currently responding to citizens that are appealing a legal decision from the police department such as Freedom of Information Law requests, and Pistol License denials. As well as doing research regarding changes in gun law currently taking place within New York. I’m also able to get a unique perspective on how the law meets the streets by attending meetings with police officers and officials."

    Samantha Bouchard
  Intern, The Hon. Robert McDonald, Acting Supreme Court Justice

"This summer has been unlike no other. I had the amazing opportunity to intern for the Honorable Robert McDonald, acting Supreme Court Justice currently assigned to the Domestic Violence Part in Nassau County Court. I have not only been able to develop my research and writing skills, but I’ve had a first-hand look at the judicial decision-making process through observing court proceedings such as pretrial hearings and arraignments.

The first week of my internship was riveting as jury selection was taking place in preparation for trial. I was able to observe Judge McDonald presiding over a child sex abuse case from start to finish. I also observed the Nassau District Attorneys office prosecuting two homicide trials, as well as, a civil trial where the jury awarded $1.3 million in damages for a personal injury case.

It has been an absolute honor interning for Judge McDonald and his law secretary Judith Gann. They are not only extremely intelligent, but humble, fair and kindhearted. This experience has changed my life for the better and made me eager to begin a career in public service."

    Colin Hicks
  Office of the New York State Attorney General Counsel

This summer, I had the distinct honor of interning at the Office of the New York State Attorney General with the Office of General Counsel. This was the first time I worked with any General Counsel, so the policy and legislative history research I did was a bit more in-depth than what I was used to, but it was undoubtedly an enriching experience. I helped organize and prepare hearings that Attorney General Letitia James held and witnessed how the AG's office interacts with the various governmental agencies, at the state and federal levels, within New York. I even got to meet AG James! I had a wonderful experience this past summer, and I believe it truly has helped me hone my legal skills and build a better foundation for my future career.

Summer Service Snapshots 2018/2019

    Danny Smith
  Nassau Suffolk Law Services  
Danny worked primarily with the Nassau Suffolk Law Services Disability Advocacy Project (DAP) unit. He was able to assist low-income individuals in obtaining social security benefits, conducted callbacks with clients, assisted attorneys in gathering medical records for their clients, and prepared clients for their hearings. Danny was also able to help Nassau Suffolk Law Services and their new attorney in developing their new unit in Hempstead, the reentry unit. The reentry unit assists recently released prisoners in sealing their records, finding jobs, and acclimating back into society. Danny also participated in events such as the Nassau Library Outreach Program and National Institute for Trial Advocacy training.
    Moselle Kerben
  Suffolk County District Court
Moselle Kerben is a 5 year part-time evening student. This summer she had an internship across the street from Touro at the Suffolk County District Court with the Honorable Justice Gaetan Lozito. She stated, “My experience was priceless. Judge Lozito offered her time to answer any and all my questions about law, the legal system, and court procedures. I had the opportunity to sit on her side of her courtroom to observe misdemeanor arraignments. Judge Lozito showed me around the courthouse and introduced me to many people including other judges. I was given the opportunity to observe DWI and domestic violence cases in other courtrooms as well. I feel honored to call Justice Lozito my teacher, mentor, and friend. One piece of advice Justice Lozito shared with me was to “always try to see two sides of an issue.” I am so grateful for my internship with Judge Lozito and I know the internship has left a huge positive impact on both my personal and professional life.”
 Picture of Emma Henry in fron of court house   Emma Henry
  United States Attorney's Office, EDNY
This summer Emma worked in the United States Attorney's Office, Eastern District of New York in the Criminal Division. She said, “I spent my days alongside my supervisor, an Assistant United States Attorney, who had a unique, exciting agenda each day. I met with FBI agents on cases in the investigational stages, learned about how federal prosecution differs from the state and mainly about combating gang activity on Long Island. I conducted research and drafted memoranda on topics including search warrants for text messages and the Hobbs Act. Reviewed court transcripts, text message data, and jail telephone transcripts to identify relevant information. Reviewed case files, pre-sentencing reports, and plea agreements. Observed court proceedings, interviews, plea negotiations, strategy conferences, and proffers. It was such a rewarding summer experience!”
  Shanna L. Butler
  Nassau/Suffolk Law Services - Landlord/Tenant Unit
Attorney of the Day Project
At Nassau/Suffolk Law Services, most of Shanna's days were spent attending Nassau County District Court to help delay or prevent eviction for low-income clients. Additionally, she learned how to negotiate settlements for the clients by using defective petitions or defective service to the client’s advantage.
  Alain Alisca
  Nassau Suffolk Law Services
Alain Alisca spent the summer interning at the Nassau County District Courthouse with Nassau Suffolk Law Services' Volunteer Lawyers Project. He dealt with matters related to landlord-tenant law and have helped advocate for tenants that are facing eviction proceedings. He stated, “This internship has contributed to my career path because I have gotten exposure to a field, public interest, that I have had an interest in since beginning my law school career. I am certain that regardless of whether I pursue public interest law or another field, I will be sure to give back and serve those that are in need of legal help.”
 Denise Schubmehl
  Denise Schubmehl
  Empire Justice Center
Denise Schubmehl worked with Maria DeGennaro at the Empire Justice Center. She helped homeowners who were at risk of foreclosure on Long Island. She stated, “This work is instantly rewarding, as many times lawyers do not get that gratification they sometimes deserve, it is nice to help those who really appreciate the service you are giving them.” Denise was able to sit in at multiple foreclosure clinics and hear from the homeowners and listen to lawyers and housing counselors give advice and help direct them to more options. She was also able to sit in on settlement conferences in both Nassau and Suffolk County. She helped to organize the very successful Hope Now event at Hofstra University, which helped more than 200 homeowners get answers to their foreclosure questions. The event included legal services, housing counselors, and bank servicers all in one place.
In addition, she participated in Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) meetings regarding Sterling’s merger with Astoria Bank. The meetings could result in significant CRA funding for affordable housing for Long Island.
Denise also volunteered to update the attorney fees spreadsheet that Empire Justice Center uses when seeking reimbursement for their time. The sheets are used to determine what rates are seen as reasonable, so when seeking reimbursement it is fair and in line with the current fees.
Denise said, “I have learned a lot about the housing world that I would otherwise not know without the help of Empire Justice Center and specifically Maria DeGennaro. The hands-on experience that I have gained this summer really helped to solidify my decision to continue to work in public interest. “
  Marissa Van Ness
 Marissa Van Ness worked with the New Jersey Attorney General in the Children and Families Division She wrote appellate briefs for the state in cases when parents appeal their termination of parental rights.
She stated, “On the district level the state must prove a four-part test for why a parent should have their parental rights terminated. If proven by clear and convincing evidence - a parents rights will be terminated. After this termination, they have a right to appeal. I am currently writing the appeals (as you can see from all my evidence binders) as to why the termination of parental rights should be upheld! I hope to work as a Deputy Attorney General, in this unit when I graduate.”
Hley_Baldwin and co-workers

  Haley Baldwin Suffolk County District Attorney's East End Bureau
  Pictured from left to right are, Brad Magill (ADA--Trial Supervisor), Haley Baldwin, Erin
  Brannigan (ADA), Jamie Greenwood (ADA)

During the summer of 2017, Haley interned at the Suffolk County District Attorney’s East End Bureau. Her work was focused on New York Criminal Procedure Law and Vehicle and Traffic Law. She gained experience in writing legal memoranda and doing legal research. She stated, “I was fortunate enough to work very closely with the ADAs. I filed 710.30 (Huntley) notices, compiled discoveries, and created Rosario packets.”
Christina with a judge
  Christina Carone
  Federal Court Intern
Christina Carone interned at the Federal Court. She stated, “This experience exceeded all of my expectations. Judge Spatt, his law clerks, and his staff are great! They are all very kind, approachable, professional and knowledgeable. I learned a lot about the federal court system this summer. My favorite part of interning was observing various jury selections. I also had the opportunity to observe a RICO trial, which was awesome. Lastly, I was able to get to know and observe Judge Bianco, Judge Wexler and Judge Seybert. This was an amazing experience.”
  Alex Castilletti Suffolk County Human Rights Commission
Alex Castilletti worked at the Suffolk County Human Rights Commission, where he was able to help resolve cases of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation in both the workplace and in housing. Working with the investigators, he helped close a number of cases and helped a lot of people come to an agreement in order to settle their cases.
  Michael Daily and Mark MacNaughton
  The Hon. Mark Cohen and the Hon. Martin Efman

Michael Daily and Mark MacNaughton were assigned to the criminal court handling felony level cases for the Hon. Mark Cohen and Hon. Martin Efman. Our job responsibilities include review and preparation of chamber files on assigned cases, taking notes during conferences in chambers, writing and assisting in legal research on pending motions, observation of courtroom proceedings and miscellaneous tasks as directed. We are also in charge of the Drug Diversion Program under Hon. Martin Efman. This includes screening potential defendants for the program.

Summer Service Snapshots 2016

  Adina Jonke
  The Safe Center, LI
Adina worked as a legal intern at the Legal Services Center at The Safe Center, LI. The Safe Center provides representation to survivors of domestic violence, child physical and sexual abuse, elder abuse and rape/sexual assault. Most practices involve family law issues, such as divorce, family offenses, child custody and support, immigration and paternity. Throughout the summer she conducted legal research, drafted litigation papers, and assisted with client interviews and intake sessions. She had the opportunity to shadow attorneys during hearings and conferences in Family and Supreme Court in Nassau County. She stated, “The best part of working at The Safe Center is the chance to help survivors of domestic violence move on from the difficult times that they have been facing.”
  Christina Santiago
  New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
Christina spent the summer on the record for hearings on restaurant violations and grading at OATH offices throughout the city. In addition to holding her own cases, she also wrote appeals and compiled data on health code violations throughout the city. She completed the NYC Food Protection course; tagged along with Health Dept. inspectors to understand the work they do in order to better defend that work; and sat in on city council meetings re: New York City's approach to the Zika virus threat, Animal Care and Control expansion, and tobacco regulations. She said, “Definitely interesting, educational and fun! This experience has kept me on my toes!”
Durmonay and Felberbaum at work

  Sassy Dumornay and Diana Felberhaum
  Suffolk County Attorney’s Office
Sassy Dumornay and Diana Felberhaum were summer legal interns for the Suffolk County Attorney’s Office. At the County Attorney’s Office, they worked closely with several Assistant County Attorneys. Throughout their internships, they conducted legal research, revised petitions, worked on Kendra cases, assisted with N-Docket (negligent) cases, and observed child support cases. They were also given the opportunity to watch arraignments and juvenile delinquency cases. Their favorite part of the summer internship was sitting in honorable Judge Crecca’s courtroom and observing domestic violence and divorce cases.
Huuthanh at work   Huuthanh Lee
  Legal Aid Society, Queens County Juvenile Rights Office
Huuthanh served as an intern with the Legal Aid Society, Queens County Juvenile Rights Office. He had the opportunity to assist a team of four staff attorneys in the practice and learn about the legal strategies involved in juvenile proceedings. He represented clients, under attorney supervision, at appearances before the Queens County Family Court. He also consulted with attorneys regarding settlement in cases. He interviewed clients, parents and collateral providers. He conducted home visits with clients and supervising attorney. He discussed issues arising from cases before the court with team staff attorneys. He observed bench trials, court proceedings and settlement conferences in child welfare and delinquency matters. He commented, “My work with the staff attorneys provided me with a great deal of insight into how to represent indigent clients, especially children, more effectively. My experiences as an intern with The Legal Aid Society reinforced the reasons why I chose to go to law school, while also providing me with many of the skills necessary to be an effective advocate for children and families. I had a truly rewarding experience working with the staff attorneys at the Queens County Juvenile Rights Office this summer.”
Jazmine Kendrick   Jazmine Kendrick
  Brooklyn Defender Services
Jazmine worked at Brooklyn Defender Services. She helped different teams of lawyers with trial prep for different cases ranging from attempted murder, rape in the first degree and assault. Pictured here, she is conducting legal research for an upcoming trial.
Katherine Base   Katherine Base
  Nassau County District Attorney’s Office
Katherine Base is a summer legal intern in the Nassau County DA’s Office. At the DA’s Office, she was placed in the DWI/DUI bureau and assists 7 ADA’s. Throughout the month of June, Katherine has had the opportunity to second seat trials, prepare discovery packets to turn over to defense attorneys, participate in the arraignments of defendants, and even speak on the record. Katherine also has had the opportunity to conference cases with fellow ADA’s, Legal Aid and the judge on numerous mornings. Just recently she conducted legal research and wrote a memorandum of law concerning an issue of Miranda Rights to submit directly to a judge from the District Court. She has not only had the opportunity to watch DWI/DUI trials, but has watched trials in different bureaus such as the domestic violence bureau, and even part of a homicide trial in Nassau County Court."
Larry Pisahov at desk   Larry Pisahov
  Bronx County D.A.’s Office
Larry Pisahov was a summer legal intern in the Bronx County District Attorney’s Office. At the D.A.’s Office, he was placed in the Narcotics Bureau and assists over a dozen ADA’s. Throughout his experience, Larry was able to conduct legal research, present research findings, draft memoranda, prepare discovery, and attend conferences, arraignments, hearings, and trials. As part of the internship program, he also attended the D.A.’s Office Annual Picnic in Pomona and toured the NYPD Firing Range in Rodman’s Neck. Larry’s favorite part of the summer was representing the hard-working citizens of Bronx County and being able to make a positive difference in their community.
  Maria E. Feldman
  Immigration Law Clinic
Maria worked in the Immigration Clinic at Touro Law Center. Her duties consist of assisting unaccompanied and undocumented children arriving in the U.S. to secure special juvenile immigrant status so that they can remain in the U.S. legally and pursue their education and career goals. She also conducted legal research; interviewed clients; prepared and filed petitions for appointment of guardianship in family court, and appeared at family court and immigration court hearings.

She stated, “This is an area of law in which I greatly enjoy working. Being an immigrant from South America myself, I can totally identify with the ordeals these children and their parents experience in their search for a better and safer life in the United States. Becoming an immigration attorney has been a life-long dream of mine; this fellowship has given me the opportunity to be a part of making a difference in a child's life who would otherwise be forced to remain in their country of origin facing poverty, no prospects for the future, and worse yet - be forced to submit to the demands of violent gangs in order to survive.”

Marra Kassman Standing   Marra Kassman
  United States Attorney’s Office, Eastern District, Criminal Division
Marra Kassman worked at the United States Attorney’s Office, Eastern District, Criminal Division during her summer. She worked mostly on violent crimes cases, such as gangs and drug offenses. Marra listened to jail calls, sat in on inmate and cooperating witness proffer (interview) sessions, attended court with her assigned attorney, edited documents, and wrote sentencing letters to various Judges. Her favorite part of the summer was getting to be part of meetings with Homeland Security and FBI Agents, who provided the office with critical information about defendants.
Michael Borger

  Michael Borger
  Long Island Advocacy Center
During the course of his internship at the Long Island Advocacy Center, Michael had the pleasure of working side-by-side with Michael Fronte, another LIAC intern in developing a community outreach campaign designed to inform families with special education children of their legal rights in school. We used our experience working directly with special needs children as well as conducting legal research on federal statutes, state regulations and case law to compile and simplify all of this information for parents in a comprehensive and interactive presentation. We are passionate about reaching out to these families and giving them the tools they need to best advocates for their children.
Tyasia Chance   Tyasia Chance
  Brooklyn Defender Services
Tyasia chance spent the summer working at Brooklyn Defender Services (BDS). She enjoyed preparing for trial by going out on investigations, conducting client interviews in arraignments and DATs, prepping witnesses for trial and doing research/writing motions to assist attorneys with their clients. Tyasia said, “Working at BDS has definitely taught me what it means to wake up every morning and love what you do!”
Vito at work   Vitangelo Bitetto
  Suffolk County Legal Aid Society
Vito interned at the Suffolk County Legal Aid Society working with Touro Alum Liz Justesen. As part of his work with her, Vito helped Touro Law Center launch a new pro bono initiative called Breaking Barriers, the first-ever re-entry program for formerly incarcerated residents in Suffolk County on Long Island. Breaking Barriers is the only program of its kind in the county and provides people with opportunities and knowledge to change their lives.

Summer Service Snapshots 2015

Barney Giannone, Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office
Barney Giannone worked in the Suffolk County DA's Office. He started in January with the criminal prosecution clinic and had his practice order extended into the summer. At DA's office, he was tasked with conducting multiple hearings regarding probable cause, identification procedures, voluntariness of statements, refusal to submit to chemical tests and indigency hearings. He conducted direct and cross-examinations and appeared on the record daily. Investigations, interviews and motion practice was also part of his daily routine. While in court, he would not only run the calendar, but make offers, negotiate deals, and make various applications to the court, including orders of protection on behalf of domestic violence victims.
Paula McFarlane, South Brooklyn Legal Services in the LGBT & HIV Unit
Paula McFarlane worked with South Brooklyn Legal Services in the LGBT & HIV Unit where she assisted her supervising attorneys in providing legal assistance to both low-income and HIV positive individuals in areas such as housing, welfare benefits, and SSI/SSD. Work included: legal research, drafting of orders to show cause and motions, drafting and sending non-compliance complaint letters to HRA, shadowing attorneys at hearings and in housing court, attending trainings, meeting/corresponding with clients, assisting with client intakes, drafting an affidavit with a client, corresponding with client caseworkers, fair hearing agency representatives, landlord attorneys, and marshals. She said that the most memorable of her experience there was helping to conduct her first Medicaid Fair Hearing. The client was an 80 year old women who was getting personal care assistance to help her with her daily tasks due to her medical issues. HRA (Human Resources Administration) was trying to cut down her hours from 12 hours/week to 9 hours/week. Based on Paula's research and review of her medical records there was no valid argument to why they should cut down the clients hours since her illness had declined, rather than getting better. Paula argued this at the Fair Hearing and they were able to get the clients Personal Care Aid hours reinstated. Paula was gratified being able to help advocate for the client in a way that she was unable to do for herself. It also solidified that litigation is definitely something she wants to do.
Mariama H. Sidique, Northern Manhattan Improvement Corporation
Mariama Sidique '17 worked this summer at the Northern Manhattan Improvement Corporation, a non-profit organization that provides legal services to individuals in the upper Manhattan area. There she had the opportunity to work with attorneys in the landlord-tenant practice. She reports that one of the most rewarding experiences she had was working directly with clients and present compelling arguments on their behalf to New York City administrative agencies and courts in order to maintain the clients’ housing and benefits.
Anthony Avitable, U.S. Army Judge Advocate Generals Corps
Anthony Avitable '16, worked this summer as an intern with the U.S. Army Judge Advocate Generals Corps, assigned to the Staff Judge Advocate’s Office in Ft. Bliss, Texas, where he provided legal assistance to soldiers, assisted counsel in the trial of General Courts Martial, and wrote articles on legal subjects for the post newspaper. He also got the opportunity to participate in training exercises (photo 1) and received a Certificate of Appreciation for exemplary performance (photo 2). The certificate concludes, “His dedication and contributions reflect great credit on him, the 1st Armored Division, the Judge Advocate General’s Corps and the United States Army.
Jose A. Rojas, Suffolk County Human Rights Commission
Jose Rojas '17 worked this summer at the Suffolk County Human Rights Commission located in Hauppauge, NY. He helped people who were discriminated against due to their race, age, disability, pregnancy (sex and disability), color, national origin and many other basis. The agency covers employment, housing, public accommodations, education, credit and they help people file internal complaints against the Suffolk County Police Department for discriminatory violations. Jose reports that it was great to be able to help 3 cases get resolved by conciliation agreements, and it was great to work many other cases that are pending in the process but where justice may be given to those people whose rights were violated.
Kimberly Siegel, Honorable John J. Leo
Kimberly Siegel ’17 is spending the summer working for the Honorable John J. Leo, a matrimonial judge in Suffolk County Supreme Court. Kimberly has had the pleasure of observing matrimonial court trials, hearings, and pretrial conferences, where she has been able to witness testimonies, oral arguments, and the differing techniques of attorneys. She has also had the opportunity of conducting research on matrimonial legal issues, calculating maintenance and counsel fees awards, and assisting in drafting judicial decisions and judgments.

Arielle Montoro and Shanno Sullivan, Nassau County District Attorney's Office in the District Court Bureau in Hempstead
Arielle Montoro '17 and Shannon Sullivan '17 both worked in the Nassau County District Attorney's office in the District Court Bureau in Hempstead. District Court deals with misdemeanors and violations. Arielle reports she was able to speak on the record in court numerous times while conducting plea allocations. She was able to conference cases daily with the judge and Legal Aid, and she worked on legal research and wrote numerous motions that were submitted not only to defense counsel but also to the court.

Jaclyn Imperati, Transportation Security Administration
Jaclyn Imperati, also a Corporal in the USMC, has worked with the Transportation Security Administration since August of 2013 as an Officer. She remains constantly vigilant of the Transportation Security Laws in order to remain knowledgeable about any issues that might occur with the public. When she returned from Touro Law's Vietnam Summer program, she was transferred to the Federal Air Marshal division where she has been working as a Program Assistant. She was placed in charge of all workers compensation claims, and she has consulted with the Chief Counsel Attorney in order to assist with any legal research required.
Alexandros E. Tsionis, Family Law Clinic
Alexander Tsionis was awarded a Berg Fellowship to enable him to continue the work he started last fall in the family law clinic. He engaged in client intakes, researched statutes and case history, drafted petitions and subpoenas, and litigated and settled many cases. He reports that he has settled and litigated many cases all with favorable outcomes for his clients.
Claire Persico, Nassau County Supreme Court, Matrimonial Center
Claire Persico has been working this summer in the matrimonial center - Nassau County Supreme Court, with the Honorable Stacy Bennett. The Matrimonial Center is a unique facility that houses all of the dedicated Matrimonial Parts for the Supreme Court, including the Model Custody Part. There are courtrooms for six Justices assigned to the Matrimonial Center, along with hearing rooms for Judicial Hearing Officers and Special Referees, all handling matrimonial matters. She has assisted with legal writing and research and she has observed various court proceedings.
Kathleen Garveson, Suffolk County District Attorney's Office
This summer Kathleen Garveson worked at the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office in the Vehicular Crime Bureau. She helped the Assistant District Attorneys in that bureau with tasks such as legal research for memorandums, preparing discovery packets to turn over to defense attorneys, preparing different types of warrants, and attending court and chamber conferences. In addition, she was able to observe a homicide trial from opening statements through closing statements. She also participated in a DWI data project for the Bureau Chief and District Attorney.
Deanna Rosenblatt, Rockland County's Surrogate's Court
Deena Rosenblatt worked in the Surrogate Court of the Rockland County Courthouse for the Honorable Thomas E. Walsh II. She reviewed cases, drafted orders, decisions, orders to show causes, and motions pertaining to Surrogate and Supreme Court issues. She conducted legal research, analysis, and assess related causes of action. Often times she conferred with litigants about cases and sit in on conferences. Additionally, she had the opportunity to observe all sorts of hearings and trials relating to criminal and civil matters.
Stephanie M. Hibbert. Senior Citizen Law Program
Stephanie Hibbert worked this summer for the Senior Citizen Law Program at the Law Center where she interviewed elderly clients who lacked financial resources, were somewhat marginalized and needed legal assistance. Legal Assistance was needed in issues relating, but not limited to Torts, Social Insurance, Public Assistance, and Trusts and Estates. Client Intake Memorandums were prepared and legal research conducted. Legal Research ranged from Power of Attorney issues to Probate/Administration. She says that it was valuable knowledge and a unique experience because insight was gained on the realities of aging in our society while honing legal skills such as interviewing and legal research.
Michael Gimmarusco, Suffolk County District Attorney's Office
Michael Giammarusco '16 worked this summer in the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, District Court Bureau in Central Islip. He reported that every day he got to work closely with the Assistant District Attorneys in the office preparing cases for disposition or trial. His day to day includes answering discovery demands, preparing Rosario packets, investigating cases, responding to defendants motions, drafting memos, interviewing and prepping witnesses, conferencing cases with defense attorneys and legal aid, and second seating his ADAs at hearings and trials. He wrote, "Assistant District Attorneys have the best job in the world. They go into work every day and do the right thing. I have such a strong passion for justice and the experience I have gained by working here has been unparalleled. I am going to continue working here in the District Court Bureau as a Law Assistant through Touro Law Center’s Clinic Program."
Tyasia Chance, Law Offices of the Public Advocacy Center
Tyasia Chance is spending the summer with the Law Offices of the Public Advocacy Center which she describes as nothing short of amazing. She assisted in many cases, mainly including landlord/tenant issues and uncontested divorces. While assisting in landlord/tenant cases, she has helped in drafting documents such as Attorney Affirmations and Orders to Show Cause and has had the opportunity to accompany the staff attorney to the Second District Court as well as Third, Fifth and Sixth Districts. While in court, she learned how to fill out Notice of Appearances as well as Stipulation forms. When handling divorce cases, she has assisted in drafting Affidavits and going to the Supreme Court across the street to file them with the Clerk. She has sat in on meetings with clients, set up appointments with them and interviewed them over the phone to see if they qualify for the uncontested divorce project. She has also assisted in drafting a Supplemental Needs Trust as part of the Last Will and Testament for a client. She has also participated in the restorative justice “circles” through the Center for Restorative Practices at the PAC.
Thomas Tlockowski, The Permanency Legal Assistance Needs Project (PLAN)
This summer Thomas Tlockowski is working at Nassau Suffolk Legal Services. He is pictured here at Family Court submitting a Child Support Modification Petition. He is assigned to the Permanency Legal Assistance Needs Project (PLAN) which provides legal assistance to individuals and families affected by every type of cancer to cope with legal, financial and medical issues, including permanency planning. The Project includes a focus on clients with breast cancer. He explains that permanency planning consists of assisting families to develop a legally enforceable long-term plan for the care of children, and to assure that the client’s own wishes regarding end of life decisions are carried out through the designation of health care proxies, advance directives, powers of attorney and wills. The Project also handles problems with Medicaid, Medicare and private health insurance, and depending on resources, may be able to assist with SSI and Social Security Disability matters, long term disability problems and issues involving public assistance. There are no financial eligibility guidelines, but cases are prioritized based on urgency and program resources. Most recently, a collaborative grant with the New York Legal Assistance Group (NYLAG) has made it possible to launch a new medical legal partnership effort based at the Stony Brook Medical Group in East Setauket. Legal services are also provided to referred patients of Stony Brook’s Primary Care clinic in Patchogue and Good Samaritan’s Dialysis Unit. He works with a Law Services attorney together with the clinic staff to serve the clinic patients.
Mike Papson, Suffolk County Legal Aid
Mike Papson is spending his summer working at Suffolk County Legal Aid in the Felony Part. Pictured here with Legal Aid Staff Attorneys and Touro Law alums Liz Justeson ’06 and Juliann Strafer ‘13, Mike explains that the Felony Part's main focus is to negotiate pre-Grand Jury indictment pleas for defendants in felony cases. He reports that he has had the opportunity to speak with clients, research legal issues, and negotiate pleas with assistant district attorneys. He says that the experience has been fantastic and the lessons learned are invaluable.

Eleonora Zeltser, National Association of Jewish Legislators
Eleonora Zeltser is working this summer with the National Association of Jewish Legislators (NAJL). One of her major projects is preparing for the upcoming NAJL summit in Seattle taking place in August. The Annual Summit of the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) will be held in Seattle, WA from August 3-7. This event has been held every year since 1975 and brings together state legislators and staff from the 50 states. NAJL will be holding its annual breakfast during the meeting of about 1500 legislators. At the breakfast, topics will include state strategies to address anti-Israeli boycott, divestment and sanctions efforts and how to address anti-semitism at the local level. She is pictured below with NAJL Executive Director Jeff Wice.

Dana Mangiacapra. Narcotics Bureau in the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office
Dana Mangiacapra is working this summer at the Narcotics Bureau in the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office where she has worked on various projects for ADA's in the bureau. Throughout the month of June, she researched various issues including the proper way to authenticate a ledger or account book that has been seized through a search warrant and whether or not a squatter, who is renting from another squatter, has any standing to bring a claim based upon unreasonable search and seizure. Her latest project involves reading through the Search Warrant Manual that ADA's use and "shepardizing" the cases to make sure they are still applicable. Additionally, she is working for the Breaking Barriers Pro Bono Assistance Project helping individuals apply for certificates of rehabilitation so that they may be eligible to apply for certain jobs.

Ryan Blitz, Empire Justice Center
Ryan Blitz is working this summer with the Empire Justice Center. He reports that he has worked with individuals going through mortgage foreclosures, assisting them in receiving loan modifications, while also informing people about loan scams, and how to detect them. He has also worked on gathering data regarding "Career Pathways," a job-bridging program to help move displaced workers up the employment ladder. This data was reported to the New York State Assembly Social Services Committee in order to implement a bundle of bills regarding employment improvement.

Anthony Dichiara, Disaster Relief Clinic
Anthony DiChiara '16, is a summer 2015 Berg Fellow who is working in the Disaster Relief Clinic at Touro. He has helped the Clinic hold public outreach sessions in order to inform homeowners of their rights in the FEMA re-application process, and he has helped the staff attorneys resolve varying homeowner issues resultant of Hurricane Sandy. For example, he helped identify the effects of a homeowner obtaining an incorrect elevation certificate. These certificates are used to assess whether a particular home falls within a flood hazard area and allows insurance companies to determine the insured’s premium. An incorrect elevation certificate, in turn, could have the effect of classifying a home as a flood risk and therefore erroneously heightening insurance rates. He reports that the experience gained working with the Disaster Relief Clinic is unparalleled. Day in and day out he says he has had the privilege of working with individuals who strive to achieve the common goal of assisting homeowners still facing the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy.