Volume 35, Issue 1

Prefatory Matter

Table of Contents


Symposium Current Issues in Disability Rights Law
Samuel J. Levine

Every Student Succeeds Act: Are Schools Making Sure Every Student Succeeds?
Laura Adler-Greene

The Future of Disability Rights Protections for Transgender People
Kevin M. Barry and Jennifer L. Levi

The Application of Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act to Employment Discrimination: Why the Circuits Have Gotten It Wrong
William Brooks

Free Appropriate Public Education After Endrew F. v. Douglas County School District (2017)
Terrye Conroy and Mitchell L. Yell

Preschool and Lead Exposed Kids: The Idea Just Isn’t Good Enough
Karen Syma Czapanskiy

Revisiting Ashley X: An Essay on Disabled Bodily Integrity, Sexuality, Dignity, and Family Caregiving
Julia Epstein and Stephen A. Rosenbaum

Canines in the Classroom Redux: Applying the ADA or the IDEA to Determine Whether a Student Should Be Allowed to Be Accompanied by a Service Animal at a Primary or Secondary Educational Institution
Rebecca J. Huss

Endrew F. v. Douglas County School District: The Supreme Court’s Elusive Attempt to Close the Gap Between Some Educational Benefit and Meaningful Educational Benefit
Alyssa Iuliano

Let’s Try Again: Why the United States Should Ratify the United Nations Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities
Arlene S. Kanter

Advocating for Children with Disabilities in Child Protection Cases
Joshua B. Kay

I’ll See You in Court, but Not Pursuant to DASA
Adam I. Kleinberg and Alex Eleftherakis

Endrew F.’s Journey to a Free Appropriate Public Education: What Can We Learn From Love?
Randy Lee

“Some Things Are Too Hot to Touch”: Competency, the Right to Sexual Autonomy, and the Roles of Lawyers and Expert Witnesses
Michael L. Perlin, Alison J. Lynch, and Valerie R. McClain

Mixed Signals: What Can We Expect from the Supreme Court in This Post-ADA Amendments Act Era?
Nicole Buonocore Porter

Battling Implicit Bias in the IDEA to Advocate for African American Students with Disabilities
Dustin Rynders

What’s the CRAIC? Health Care for Deaf People in Northern Ireland
Michael A. Schwartz

The Least Restrictive Environment for Providing Education, Treatment, and Community Services for Persons with Disabilities: Rethinking the Concept
Donald H. Stone

Endrew F. Clairvoyance
Mark C. Weber

Why America Is Better off Because of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
Peter Blanck

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