Volume 37, Issue 4

Prefatory Matter


Table of Contents


Remarks on My Mentor, Robert Cover
Hon. Guido Calabresi

Foreword to the Symposium: The Life and Work of Robert M. Cover
Samuel J. Levine

The Life and Work of Robert Cover- Robert Cover’s Social Activism and Its Jewish Connections
Stephen Wizner

Robert Cover’s Call to Teaching and Journey to Judaism
Randy Lee

‘Nothing About Us Without Us’: Toward a Liberatory Heterodox Halakha
Laynie Soloman and Russell G. Pearce

Robert Cover and Critical Race Theory
Gabriel J. Chin

Justice Accused at 45: Reflections on Robert Cover’s Masterwork
Sanford Levinson and Mark A. Graber

Law and Literature in the Work of Robert Cover
Tawia Ansah

How the First Paragraph of Violence and the Word Killed the Law as Literature Movement
Brett G. Scharffs

Robert Cover’s Love of Stories: A Rumination on His Wanting to Discuss the Brothers Karamazov with Me Across Five Conversations During the Last Five Years of His Life, with an Application to the Chauvin Murder Trial of 2021
Richard H. Weisberg

Bridges of Law, Ideology, and Commitment
Steven L. Winter

Remembrance, Group Gripes, and Legal Frictions: Rule of Law or Awful Lore?
Aviam Soifer

Nomos and Nation: On Nation in an Age of “Populism”
John Valery White

Revisiting a Jurisprudence of Obligation
Ariel Evan Mayse and Kenneth A. Bamberger

Rights and Duties in Jewish Law
Itamar Rosensweig and Shua Mermelstein

Reconsidering the Nomos in Today’s Media Environment
Kimberlianne Podlas

Reflections on Nomos: Paideic Communities and Same Sex Weddings
Marie A. Failinger

Robert Cover and International Law—Narrative Nudges and Nomadic Nomos
Larry Catá Backer

When Interpretive Communities Clash on Immigration Law: The Courts’ Mediating Role in Noncitizens’ Rights and Remedies
Peter Margulies

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