Volume 38, Issue 4

Prefatory Matter


Table of Contents

Symposium: The Religiously Affiliated Law Schools Conference

The Conference of Religiously Affiliated Law Schools Foreword
Samuel J. Levine

Can a Christian be a Lawyer or can both God and Jackson Browne be Right
Randy Lee

Reflections on the Creation of the Jewish Law Institute at Touro
Randy Lee

Reaching Out Through the Universal: The Powerful and Positive Role of a Jesuit Catholic Law School on the Secular Line
Judith A. McMorrow

Faith and Faithfulness: Vocation as Self, Others, and a Third Thing
Joel A. Nichols

2022 Conference of Religiously Affiliated Law Schools: Reflections on Faculty Vocation and Support
Lucia A. Silecchia

The History of Religious Hiring at American Catholic Law Schools
John M. Breen and Lee J. Strang


A Cross-Jurisdictional Analysis of Penalties for Possession of Contraband Phones by Inmates and a Proposal to Increase the Federal Penalty
Andrew W. Eichner

Proceed with Caution: Criminal Responsibility for Non-participating Actors in University Hazing Incidents
Charlie Penrod

The Tort Whisperer: Nine Decades Later–My Perspective
Larry M. Roth

The Legacy of Brown v. Board of Education: Achieving Student Body Diversity in All Levels of Education
Nancy L. Zisk


Genealogy Sites and Adoptions–Connecting Families or Ruining Them?
Taylor Bialek

Is There a Fundamental Right to Privacy When an Educational Institution Requires a Student to Disclose Proof of His or Her Vaccination Status?
Mary D. Fatscher

A Named Inventor of a Patent Should Be Expanded to Include Artificial Intelligence
Min Li

New York Mental Hygiene Law Article 81 Proceedings: A Proposal to Better Protect the Best Interests of an Alleged Incapacitated Person
Casey Marsh

Book Review

Lawyer as Presidents–a Rising Trend in Higher Education (May It Please the Campus: Lawyers Leading Higher Education by Patricia E. Salkin)
Timothy Fisher

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