Full-Time Faculty

Myra Berman Associate Dean for Experiential Learning & Special Programs and Associate Professor of Law mberman3@tourolaw.edu
Rebecca S Feinberg Professor of Law rfeinber2@tourolaw.edu
Stephanie Juliano Assistant Professor of Legal Process 631-761-7120 sjuliano@tourolaw.edu
Ryan Nasim Assistant Professor of Legal Process rnasim@tourolaw.edu
Mauricio Noroña Director of the Immigration Rights Advocacy Clinic and Assistant Clinical Professor of Law 631-761-7086 mnorona@tourolaw.edu
John Quinn Assistant Professor of Legal Process 631-761-7112 jquinn2@tourolaw.edu
Danielle N Rielly Assistant Professor of Legal Process drielly@tourolaw.edu
Elena B. Langan Dean and Professor of Law 631-761-7100 elangan@tourolaw.edu
Harold I. Abramson Professor of Law 631-761-7110 habramson@tourolaw.edu
Rodger Citron Associate Dean for Research and Scholarship and Professor of Law 631-761-7102 rcitron@tourolaw.edu
Suzanne Darrow-Kleinhaus Professor of Law 631-761-7116 skleinha@tourolaw.edu
Laura Dooley Professor of Law ldooley@tourolaw.edu
Joan Foley Kermit Gitenstein Distinguished Professor of Health Law & Policy and Professor of Legal Process 631-761-7181 jfoley@tourolaw.edu
Howard Glickstein Dean Emeritus and Professor of Law 631-761-7120 hglickstein@tourolaw.edu
Tiffany C. Graham Associate Dean for Diversity & Inclusion and Associate Professor of Law 631-761-7117 tgraham3@tourolaw.edu
Melina A. Healey Director of Clinical Programs and Assistant Clinical Professor 631-761-7099 mhealey@tourolaw.edu
Stephen Hochberg Founding Associate Professor of Law
Tal Kastner Assistant Professor of Law 631-761-7141 tkastner@tourolaw.edu
Deseriee Kennedy Professor of Law 631-761-7093 dkennedy3@tourolaw.edu
Sidney Kwestel Professor of Law (sabbatical Fall 2024) 631-761-7128 skwestel@tourolaw.edu
Samuel J. Levine Director of the Jewish Law Institute and Professor of Law 631-761-7138 slevine8@tourolaw.edu
Michael Lewyn Director of the Institute on Land Use and Sustainable Development and Associate Professor of Law 631-761-7124 mlewyn@tourolaw.edu
Irene McDermott Director of the Gould Law Library and Associate Professor of Law 631-761-7155 imcdermo@tourolaw.edu
Cynara Hermes McQuillan Assistant Professor of Law cmcquill@tourolaw.edu
Meredith R. Miller Professor of Law 631-761-7133 mmiller10@tourolaw.edu
Jorge Roig Director of Neighborhood Programs and Associate Professor of Law 631-761-7119 jroig@tourolaw.edu
Lauren Roth Assistant Professor of Law 631-761-7134 lroth4@tourolaw.edu
Leif Rubinstein Director of the Mortgage Foreclosure and Bankruptcy Clinic and Associate Professor of Law 631-761-7091 lrubinst@tourolaw.edu
Patricia E. Salkin Senior VP of Academic Affairs, Provost, Graduate and Professional Divisions and Professor of Law patricia.salkin@touro.edu
Rena C. Seplowitz Bruce K. Gould Distinguished Professor of Law and Faculty Advisor to the Law Review 631-761-7143 rseplowi@tourolaw.edu
Marjorie A. Silver Professor of Law 631-761-7144 msilver@tourolaw.edu
Theodore Silver Associate Professor of Law 631-761-7145 tsilver@tourolaw.edu
Dan Subotnik Professor of Law (on sabbatical Spring 2024) 631-761-7146 dsubotni@tourolaw.edu
Gabriel Weil Assistant Professor of Law 631-761-7139 gweil2@tourolaw.edu
Peter A. Zablotsky Professor of Law 631-761-7148 pzablots@tourolaw.edu
Michelle Zakarin Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of Legal Process 631-761-7149 mzakarin@tourolaw.edu

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