Dan Subotnik
Professor of Law (on sabbatical Spring 2024)

Dan  Subotnik


B.A., 1963, M.B.A., 1966, Columbia University
J.D., 1966, Columbia University School of Law

Income and Estate Tax
Trusts and Estates
Accounting for Lawyers
Race, Gender and the Law
Admitted to the bar of New York; Certified Public Accountant (C.P.A.), State of Illinois. Professor Subotnik worked in the investment banking field before undertaking teaching positions in law and business at, variously, Northwestern University College of Law; the University of Illinois, Chicago; Santa Clara University School of Law; Seton Hall University School of Law; and the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business. Professor Subotnik has written on a wide range of legal and non-legal topics, including employment discrimination, taxation, accounting, torts, gender and race relations, academic research, and the regulation of sexuality.

For Selected Works, click here.
“Toxic Diversity: Race, Gender, and Law Talk in America” (2005) N.Y.U. Press (Reviewed in the Wall Street Journal July 27, 2005).


“Do Law Schools Mistreat Women Faculty?” Akron Law Review (forthcoming)

“Are Law Schools Racist—Part II” 43 University of San Francisco Law Review (spring 2009)

“Are Law Schools Racist?: A ‘Talk’ with Richard Delgado” 43 University of San Francisco Law Review 227 fall 2008 (lead article for symposium)

“Copulemus in Pace, or an Introduction to Rape, Affirmative Consent to Rape, and Sexual Autonomy,” University of Akron Law Review, spring 2008 (introductory article for symposium issue)

“‘Hands Off’: Sex, Feminism, Affirmative Consent and The Law of Foreplay” 16 Southern Cal. Rev. of Law and Social Justice 149 (2007)

“The Cult of Hostile Gender Climate: A Male Voice Preaches Diversity to the Choir” 8 Univ. of Chi. Law School Roundtable 37 (2001)

“Goodbye to the SAT/LSAT? Hello to Equity by Lottery?” “Evaluating Lani Guinier’s Plan for Ending Race Consciousness” (with Glen Lazar) Howard Law Journal Winter, 2000

“Deconstructing the Rejection Letter, A Look at Elitism in Article Selection,” Journal of Legal Education December, 1999

“Critical Race Theory – The Last Voyage,” Touro Law Review Winter, 1999

“The Joke in Critical Race Theory” Touro Law Review, Fall, 1998

“What’s Wrong with Critical Race Theory? Reopening the Case for Middle-Class Values,” Cornell Journal of Law and Public Policy, Spring, 1998

“What’s Wrong with Faculty-Student Sex? A Response”Journal of Legal Education, September, 1997

“Sue Me, Sue Me, What Can You Do Me? I Love You: A Disquisition on Law, Sex and Talk,” Florida Law Review, July, 1995 (printed 1997)

“Riding the Waves with the Wall Street Journal” Monthly Review, December, 1985

“On Constructively Realizing Constructive Realization: Building a Case for Death and Taxes,” University of Kansas Law Review, Fall, 1989

“The Marriage Tax Revisited: An Analysis of the Tax Consequences of Marriage,” West Virginia Law Review

Consequences of Marriage, West Virginia Law Review. Summer, 1988

“Easing the Pain of Modern Home Economics”Tax Notes, Jan. 20, 1986

“On Bequeathing Unused Unified Credits to a Spouse,” Tax Notes October 1, 1990

“Equity for the Compliers: On Eliminating--or Extending--the Two-percent Rule,” Tax Notes, August 10, 1992

"'Knowledge Preservation in Accounting:' Does it Deserve to be Preserved?” Abacus, March, 1991

“What Accounting Can Learn from Legal Education”, Issues in Accounting Education, Fall 1987. Reprinted in “Essays on Changing Accounting Education” (1994)

“Wisdom or Widgets: Whither the School of ‘Business’?” Abacus, Fall, 1988; “Wisdom or Widgets: Whither the Academic Enterprise?” Thought and Action, March, 1988

“Truth on Truism, What Do Accounting Researchers Want?” Advances in Public Interest Accounting (1993)

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